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What are Acrobat ants and how can AntEco Pest Control help manage them?

Those tiny reddish-brown ants climbing on your walls, counters and floors are not your typical

Acrobat Ants and How to Get Rid of ThemAcrobat ants are small to medium-sized ants, usually 2.6 to 3.2 mm long, with shiny bodies that can range in color from light red to brown or black. Their most distinguishing feature is their heart-shaped gaster, which they can hold up over their thorax when disturbed. They tend to nest in moist, decaying wood and can become pests when they invade homes in search of food or
nesting sites.

AntEco Pest Control can Control Acrobat Ants!

AntEco Pest Control offers a variety of pest management services that include the control of acrobat ants. Effective management typically involves identifying and sealing up entry points, removing potential food sources, and using bait stations or insecticides to eliminate the ants and their nests.

Get Rid of Acrobat Ants With Our Professional Pest Management Solutions!

It’s always beneficial to call a professional like AntEco Pest Control because we have the
expertise and resources to effectively identify the problem areas and apply the most efficient
treatment methods to manage the infestation and prevent future occurrences.


Most people probably haven't even heard of Acrobat Ants but we here at AntEco Pest Control have years of experience handling all types of pest control issues. Ants can be a pesky pest and can have harmful health effects for your and your family if not taken care of in a timely manner. Let our licensed, highly trained technicians come out to your home or office and identify which type of ant problem you may have (or any other pest for that matter) and we can put these put these pest invasion issues to rest for good.




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