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When you're away, the mice will play

Don't be alarmed if you find droppings in your kitchen cabinets or under furniture. The experts at AntEco Pest Control focus on finding, trapping, and removing rodents, such as mice and rats.

Creating pest-free environments

The common house mouse can breed year round, causing its population to grow rapidly if not taken care of quickly. From tiny cries to scratching at the ceilings, our team will be able to detect the problem area. Their population changes depending on the time of year it is. Along with trapping the common house mouse, AntEco Pest Control also takes care of Norway rats, which are found in alleys, landscaping, and deck crawlspaces throughout Southeastern Michigan.


Our four-step mouse control program includes the following.

Licensed, certified, and insured

Mice inspection

Proper sanitation

Rodent proofing

Population reduction

Ask how to save 10% on seasonal treatments

Interior and exterior spaces are checked, including attics and basements.

Sanitation issues can be visible through entry points.

Thick plastic, locking bait stations with toxic bait are used.

The use of a single feeding anticoagulant rodenticide to bring mice together.

Find out how we trap birds and raccoons.

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