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Residential Pest Management

Your AntEco technician will assess

¨ Building Structure - how your home is constructed, where its located and what other features are around the home, and how pest and animals can enter your home.

¨ Identify the presence of pests- inspect all areas looking for any possible signs of pests.

¨ Identify areas that attract pests- such as Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics & ceiling voids as well as exterior landscaped areas around your home.

No matter how clean or new your home may be there are always pests looking to invade.
Your AntEco specialist works with you to eliminate and prevent future pest problems by devising a program to fit your needs.
With AntEco you get a quick response from an experienced technician that is knowledgeable in the pests associated with residential homes in the Detroit MI area.
AntEco, formerly Dean Pest and Animal control is also one of the most experienced
Wildlife Managenment companies in the metro Detroit area providing wildlife management to homeowner’s since 1989. So what ever your problem is, one call to AntEco will control them all.

IPM Certified

We practice Intergrated Pest Management which means we evaluate conditions conducive to pest infestations, determine pest threshold levels and the amount or potential for pest damage. We then devise a plan to eliminate pest by changing the conditions favorable to pest entry and/or damage most of the time without spraying harmful chemicals into your home.

Safety is our top priority

That’s why your AntEco technician will carefully place baits, dust and sprays in cracks, crevices and wall voids where you and your family will be less likley to come in contact with this material. For rodents your AntEco technician will place baits in covered bait stations that lock to prevent tampering or the accidental handling of harmful rodenticides. Upon request AntEco will provide you with copies of the manufactures specimen label for pesticides and rodenticides used to treat your premises.

Guaranteed Results

Control of covered pest in and around your home through regular service visits. Unlimited free re-service upon request between regularly scheduled visits at no additional cost to you. Your calls answered anytime, service or scheduled appointments with-in 24 hours after recieving your call and on time service performed at your convenience. We do’nt give up until the pest are gone-Guaranteed.