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Hello and Welcome to AntEco Pest control. From Raccoons to Roaches we are here for you! Here you will find pest issues effecting our local communities.

Rats Invade Livonia

By antecopest79802484, Oct 20 2016 07:34PM

Livonia residents are complaining that they have an increased rat problem since they worked on the 96 freeway. We've been told that the city will not be doing anything for residents to help elliminate the pests. As always we are here for you. We are currently servicing your neighbors to bring this infestation under control. Don't delay , call today 877-ANT-3220.

Sep 24 2018 06:31PM by Shonnae Britton

This article is from October, 2016. I was going to send you one from January, 2018, but it had too many pictures. Also a rat problem in Garden City.

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