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These wasps build their nests in window frames, porch lights, and roofs.

Carpenter bee Yellow jacket bee

Don't get stung by these bees

When the weather starts to warm up around April and May, be on the lookout for yellow jacket bees and wasps. These species require special control and elimination techniques.

We have effective bee treatment plans

AntEco Pest Control services loose bees and nests in your home and business areas. If you notice small cracks or holes in your siding and concrete or bubbled drywall, then you should give us a call. Don't try to remove or disrupt the area. This can cause these bees to fly rapidly and possibly sting individuals if too close. Our technicians wear protective clothing and eye wear when removing the nests effectively.


Below are the most common bee species.

Yellow jackets

Paper wasps

Carpenter bees


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This species can cause dangerous nests in cool climates, like your attic.

These spring-time bees are wood destroying pests.

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