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The ants go marching on

AntEco Pest Control specializes in ant inspection and the removal of these insects. No matter where you find ants in your home or business, our experts have detailed plans to eliminate them.

Discover ant elimination

We advise you to take notice of where these ant species are migrating to and from. Also, their different size and color will help us determine the best treatment method for you. From under sinks and windows to along kitchen floors and doors, our team will complete a detailed inspection and elimination plan for you. We will get started on treating the problem area so you can get back to your everyday lives.


Below are the three most common types of ants we find in the metro Detroit area.


Carpenter ant Pavement ants Pharaoh ants

Carpenter ants

Pavement ants

Pharaoh ants

Spider Bed bug

Can stay in your home all year long and cause damage

Ants that show up on kitchen floors

Small ants that leave a Pheromone trail to the food source

Learn about spiders and why you need to eliminate them.

Find out what to do with bed bugs.

Read about wildlife trappings.

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